190 191 Atlas Concorde Outdoor 2023 We care Outdoor porcelain tiles: a safe choice. SAFE Sicuro RESISTANT TO MOULD, MOSS, PESTICIDES Resiste al la muffa, muschio, persticidi EASY TO CLEAN AND TO INSTALL Facile da pul ire e posare ZERO PVC Zero PVC RESISTANT TO SALTS Resistente al sale LONG LASTING Dura a lungo VERSATILE Versatile RESISTANT TO THERMAL SHOCK Resiste agl i sbalzi termici ECO-FRIENDLY Ama l 'ambiente HIGH BREAKAGE LOAD Resiste ai carichi di rottura FIREPROOF FROSTPROOF Non brucia Non gela DISCOVER MORE © Ceramiche Atlas Concorde INDEX A COMPLETE PRODUCT SYSTEM SURFACE RANGE OVERVIEW PRODUCT RANGE IMAGE GALLERY WE CARE TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS PRODUCT FINDER